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11 Whopping Perks of Gracing Your Phone with the Latest and Authentic Silicone Phone Case

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Our world is caught in a thick web of possible tech flimflam, so the best way to protect your phone and other gadgets is when you enclose them in a tried-and-true case - silicone. How do you identify the best silicone cases on the market? Even if you do, what if it doesn't suit your phone? Be at peace. All your questions are about to be answered.

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Over the years, we've come to understand that the more phone users vow to be careful, the higher the rate at which their phones get damaged due to falls.

The most ironic part is that some hardshell phone cases are unable to do the job of protecting the phones well. That is, they also stand the risk of getting broken as a result of the impact. So what's the way out?

We're here with good news. So why haven't you considered using a silicone phone case? They're fast revolutionizing the digital world and you shouldn't be left behind in this thrilling and amazing experience.

Especially when you pair the case with our shatterproof screen protector, all your iPhones, and Android smartphones are now in safe hands.

Kindly read further as we crack this puzzle open.

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What is a Silicone Phone Case?

If you're very conversant with phone accessories, you should be familiar with hard phone cases, tough phone cases, TPU/gel phone cases, leather, and flip phone cases.

However, silicone is the latest wave in the industry. First, let's go some miles down memory lane.

Silicone rubber came to the forefront of discourse in the 1940s when scientists and scholars were striving for an easier way to insulate materials for generators and electric motors.

That's the storyline of the elastic material later known for its use in footwear, automotive applications, food storage, medical implants and devices, electronics, and clothing.

Silicone rubber has a very soft texture, slightly sticky and warm when you feel it. For easier identification, our iPhone 13 silicone case gives your phone a tight grip.

So you don't have to harbor the fear of the phone losing out of the pouch. Ideally, these phone cases are specially made from "liquid silicone".

And that probably explains why you can easily stretch them without causing any damage, unlike other types. Isn't that stunning?

Meanwhile, there's a wrong impression that needs to be corrected here. Many folks think tempered-glass screen protectors are enough to protect their phones.

Yes, they shield your phone from dust particles, scratches, and smudges, but how about the back? It's always unprotected and that's where silicone phone cases come in.

At Icesword, these savvy phone cases are available in various sizes, shapes, grades, and types of quality. And it's yours to determine what works best for you.

You should also know that silicone contains posh features that ensure enough room between your phone's main buttons and the silicone cover.

In other words, while using these colorful phone cases, they'll always remain cozy.

Whether yours is an iPhone 12 pro max or iPhone 13 pro, these cases have an interior lining that gives maximum fitment that matches every type of iPhone.

Why IceSword Silicone Phone Cases?

IceSword is one of the foremost online stores for phone accessories and, as expected, it's not an event that occurred overnight.

That is, what sets us apart is the premium value and satisfaction that our buyers derive from our products.

On that note, our goal is to serve you better by giving both our existing and potential customers the best services. And at the top of that list are our AirPods pro case and iPhone cases.

Dazzling Design

In the process of designing the phone cases, minimalist designs are used to underscore the phone's elegance.

That's not all, each silicone case gives your phone the splendor to shine through. After all, your phone and case speak volumes about your personality. Isn't it?

Best-rated and Priceless Protection

Before these cases are promoted for sales, each of them has scaled through 10,000+ drop tests. So that's the assurance you need that pitching your tent with IceSword means your phone case will never go out of vogue.

Especially the iPhone 12 pro max cases, IceSword products are tested and trusted to give you maximum protection and perfect absorption during an accidental fall or potential damage.

Fires up Your Confidence and Illuminates Your Charisma

Thanks to the minimalist design once more, your phone case will become the center of attraction and it also gives your phone a classy and glistening appearance.

If you're interested in a phone case that does the talking for you, IceSword is all you need.

Pros of Silicone Phone Cases

Is it necessary for you to opt for a silicone cover? Are there any perks silicon cases offer that other types of phone covers don't? No worries, we have all the answers to your questions.

And as you might be contemplating, silicone phone cases are amassing the highest sales in the market based on certain factors. Here they are:


It's a known fact among leading brands and marketers in the digital world that silicone is legit defiant to damage and similar tearing. And that brings us to good durability.

Meanwhile, the sleek sleeves prevent your iPhone 11 from bacteria and you can also wash them. This is a fact that neutralizes the idea that silicone covers get dirty easily and are difficult to wipe clean.

And depending on how you maintain them, these factors will help you extend the products' lifespans. Yes, the cozy texture will also help here.

We should also use this chance to lay this age-long debate between plastic and silicone phone covers to rest.

Of course, they're both long-lasting and that's why you'll see them used for microchips, and microwaves, among others.

But plastic has a major plague. It can easily break, chip, or crack when hit with a hard impact. But such can never happen with a silicone-made case.

However, plastic enthusiasts may argue that the break shows shock absorption and the plastic case sacrificing itself for your phone. Well, instead of that, why don't you go for iPhone cases that neither crack nor break to protect?

Also, another perk you get to enjoy is the product's ability to shimmy, twist, and bend without any structural wreckage.


It's pretty obvious how expensive iPhone 13 pro max and other models are, so getting damaged might be a bitter pill to swallow.

Therefore, it follows that you do everything within your reach to save them from accidents and that's where silicone phone cases pop up again.

Since they are wrapped tight around the phone, no part can be removed except you remove the entire case. That's maximum protection right there!

Silicone rubber also comes in handy in terms of shock absorption. So all the phone parts are free from any impact damage.

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Do you even know that silicone covers are waterproof? This means that your Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 mini are also prevented from accidental drops into the water.

Whereas, there are different variables to your phone drop. Did it land on a tile, concrete, or something else? Did the smartphone land on its screen, side, or corner? And from what height?

Generally, silicone cases will handle the protection job better. Why?

Most recent silicone-made cases are designed a bit bulkier, heftier, and thicker than competitor plastic options. And that's what IceSword's silicone products give.

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Firm and Secure Fit

Have you heard the saying that the beauty of silicone resides in it its suppleness and flexibility?

Since it's made from rubber, it has been perfectly molded to build and then give your phone a tight grip. It also enhances the look of your iPhone models.

As a result, your phone's ports and button holes are well-positioned. How about the weight? Hardly will you know that you're carrying a phone in your hand. Very lightweight.

You can also carry it around discreetly by tucking the phone in your portable cross bag, or pocket. And that's a bonus if you want to go hiking, biking, or even on a vacation.

Owing to the flexibility, silicone phone cases fit better to the back of the iPhone than any other type. And the fun part is that we have various iPhone 13 colors of silicone covers. So all you need is to make your choice today.


Talk about proper thermal conductivity and reliable thermal balance, silicone has it all. That is, IceSword's silicone pouches also work fine under high temperatures.

Do you have a knack for BBQ and you'll like to participate in a competition like the famous BBQ Spit Rotisseries? Great! You'll need a silicone phone case that can secure your device through this oven-like season.

That also makes them ideal for sunny days at home or work and holidays.

You should also note that silicone phone cases can endure hot temperatures up to 300-degree Celsius.

The final hit is that they don't heat up, unlike plastic. So what does it do?

The heat only beams from the phone through the phone pouch. If you're the kind of person that doesn't like smudges of any kind on his possession, silicone-made cases are here.

It has dustproof properties that help in minimizing debris, dirt, and surface dust. Even after a couple of years of use, the case will keep shining like a well-polished armor.

IceSword Phone Case Silicone Cute Fun Woman

Elegance and Simplicity

Something astonishing about IceSword is that there are colorful phone cases such as pink, white, milk tea, deep stone, pine green, etc.

These attractive colors make the case look more classy and simple. And without additional designs, the phone case can never go out of fashion.

From your workplace to nightclubs, this functional and next-gen phone case is the best accessory your phone needs.

At IceSword, we have superduper and high-quality cases for many models like iPhone SE 3 Gen, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 11, iPhone 13 pro max, iPhone 13 pro, and lots more.

And if it aligns with your taste, you can pair it up with a cord to prevent the iPhone from falling.

Sleek Feel in the Hand

To further drive this point home, let's use the comparison of a plastic and silicone case. Just as we've been discussing, both have a different texture when you feel them.

Another feature of plastics used in building phone cases is that they're harder and a bit rough. But a silicone-made will give you a softer and more pleasant touch.

And if you know yourself to be more of a butterfinger, IceSword's silicone phone cases are more grippy and they'll serve you better.

Green Factor

To every environmentalist out there, we have the iPhone cases that tick off all your expectations.

That is, some folks see silicone as a much greener option when compared to plastic. And this isn't even about color. We're referring to environmental friendliness.

One of the advantages is the process through which a plastic or silicone phone case is designed. It also deals with the way they are disposed of.

When you burn a plastic product, it emits hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere. On the other hand, silicone does not release harmful bi-products and that gives it leverage in the struggle to achieve a more earth-conscious globe.

Our point here is that since silicone is derived from biodegradable materials, it is highly eco-friendly. Hence, the covers' production process doesn't contribute to air pollution in any way.

Again, silicone itself is not hard to find. After all, it is the world's second most abounding element.

Water Resistant and Shock Absorbing

Here's another massive offer you can enjoy with silicone phone covers.

Since we've already noted that they're made of a rubber-like material, they're pretty much reliable in terms of resisting electricity shock.

Silicone's also water-resistant. This means that you can pick up the cases after an accidental fall in the water and wipe them clean.

However, we will advise that you use silicone case-virus infection control cleaners or any antibacterial wipes you can lay your hands on.

This way, your phone will be visibly attractive and you'll be free from bacteria that are invisible to our naked eyes. Yes, this is because a study has shown that our phones befriend more bacteria than the toilet seat in your house.

So if you're using iPhone 13 and your work demands proximity to waters, maybe a water corporation, we suggest you go for a silicone-made phone shield.

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Imagine you just finished your daily workout session and you need to surf the internet, you wouldn't want to mess up your phone with sweats. That means you need a water-resistant case.

Another whopping perk here is that silicone eases the structural rectitude of your mobile phone.

Non-slip and Tactile

At this juncture, it's no longer news that silicone covers are softer than other varieties of covers. So this makes the phone cases comfier to handle.

The rubber material also makes the user feel good and the interior non-slip features make the phone case more user-friendly. That's when you'll come to discover that a tighter grip can prevent many accidents relating to phone drops or falls.

Dust Resistant and Reasonable Pricing

iPhones are also known as "premium devices" and the reason isn't farfetched. They're very expensive and every essential precautionary measure should be taken to protect them.

And the best mobile case is one that doesn't meddle with the touch screen and is dust resistant. That is a silicone-made phone case!

This special property will shield the phone from specks of dust. It'll also make the phone look new and posh after a long time of use.

Most importantly, you should also remember that silicone phone covers are not expensive when compared to other phone cases made of leather, plastic, metal, and, wood.

Depending on the density and quality of each case, our silicone covers also have different iPhone 13 colors, iPhone 13 pro max colors, and other designs.


Apart from the iPhones, the latest smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Android are getting bulkier year in and year out.

This means that any extra weight on these products will make the user feel more inconvenient and that's what silicone cases want to help you solve.

And just like silicone itself, the cases are thin and lightweight. Thus, your phone doesn't have to bulge or become too heavy or clunky while in your pocket.

Auspicious for Children Use

All the silicone phone covers at IceSword are user-friendly, especially for children. That's due to the dexterity and versatility of our designers.

Unlike other cases that reek of wired smell, especially after the first few weeks of use, our products follow international safety standards and are gotten from the finest silicone.

Apart from the non-toxic properties, you're also free to give your phone to your kids to give you some lovely and five-star shots.

And if you're wondering what if the phone accidentally drops off their hands, we're glad to inform you that the cases also have drop-proof attributes.

Cons of Silicone Phone Cases

As popular as silicone is in the world of production of mobile phone back cases and covers, it is not without its downsides. Now, let's run through the following disadvantages:


If you don't exercise enough care, your silicone phone case might not be able to resist tears. In other words, chances are that means it'll sustain scratches when in contact with sharp objects.

So you have to be conscious of what you pair it with. However, that doesn't mean you can't pair the silicone case with your car keys or other possessions with zero-likelihood of puncturing the case.

Heat Conduction

As you might have probably known, silicone isn't that advisable to conduct heat. Because of this reason, the covers and cases accumulate heat for longer periods.

And the high temperature is not ideal for the overall efficiency of your phone.

Available Silicone Phone Cases on IceSword's Online Store

You have an array of phone cases currently available for sale. And the idea is to give you various options to pick from.

All you need is to go through our iPhone cases catalog, choose your color, and place your order. Now, let's walk through these amazing products

iPhone 13 Mini Silicone Case - 5.4"

As we've earlier discussed, IceSword is known for giving its customers enough room to make a choice that suits their preferences and taste.

So here's a perfect offer for every iPhone 13 user who wants to protect his or her device from falls and scratches.

iPhone 13 Mini Silicone gives you more than 20 iPhone 13 mini colors which include lovely pink, pink sand, purple, blue, yellow, mint green, dark green, pine green, deep stone, baby blue, etc.

And if you want to place an order for more than one phone case, all you have to do is select your quantity on the product's page.

Meanwhile, all the silicone phone cases are specially designed by American experts. And with iPhone 13 Mini Silicone Case, you'll also enjoy our shockproof properties. How?

The case is built with an interior microfiber buffer that hugs every edge of your iPhone. The elevated corner also shields the phone from getting scratched.

You'll fall in love with the product upon delivery. And while using it, the super sleeky touch offered by the silicone rubber material is enough to make your friends and colleagues jealous.

Now that the offer still lasts, you'll be glad that you take this step of faith by placing your order here and now.

iPhone 13 Pro Case - 6.1"

You've always wanted to buy a durable case for your iPhone 13 Pro? Here is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

It gives a warm feeling that can brighten up your mood and boost your level of productivity at work.

Like its counterparts, iPhone 13 Pro Case- 6.1" has a collection of delightful colors. They include milk tea, deep stone, mint green, pink sand, stone, berry, black, yellow, lovely pink, and baby blue, among others.

Over the years, impressive reviews have not stopped pouring in for the foxy and lovely pink color. So what if you rebrand your device into a pink iPhone 13? It'll exude class and elegance!

Furthermore, iPhone 13 Pro is known for a very sharp and unrivaled camera. And on that note, this phone case has been built to protect that legacy.

Through the insulating design, the phone case has a concave hole which gives the camera lens an all-around refuge. So you don't have to worry about lenses sustaining any scratch when you place your iPhone 13 Pro down.

IceSword Phone Case Silicone Cute Fun Woman

iPhone 13 Pro Max Case - 6.7"

What an embodiment of perfection!? This is the best iPhone 13 Pro Max Case you shouldn't afford to miss.

You can trust this product to give your phone long life. And that's feasible through the elevated lip and supported corners around the screen of your iPhone 13 Pro Max.

That is, it secures the most delicate and important parts of the device.

You can also have iPhone 13 Pro Max Case - 6.7" in various colors like the default deep stone, stone, green, yellow, pink sand, and coffee. The list goes on.

Don't let this exciting offer elude. And if you're ready to take action, you can check here.

IceSword Phone Case Silicone Cute Fun Woman

iPhone SE 3/SE 2020/7/8/8 Silicone Case - 4.7"

Do you understand the significance of the color red? It symbolizes sound health, vigor, liveliness, love, and strength.

Yes. Imagine how hulking and grand it'll be to exude all these traits in your personality through a simple phone case.

Don't overthink it. All you need is a click on iPhone SE 3/ SE 2020/ Silicone Case.

And if you want to explore your chances, we have you covered. You can also have it in light orange, dark green, pine and mint green, pink sand, stone, white, and others.

With iPhone SE 3/SE 2020 Silicone Case, you're also guaranteed of a 100% compatibility if your iPhone uses a wireless charging pad.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Silicone Case - 6.7"

This dashing iPhone 12 phone case gives a swanky vibe anytime you grace your device with it.  It also pitches you separate from the crowd and that's why IceSword leads while others follow.

With this iPhone 12 Pro Max Case, you should be assured of commanding more respect from people. Why's that? Appearance, most times, speaks louder than words.

For any doubting Thomas out there, the product has 365-day technical support and a 30-day full refund campaign on it. This means that we produce nothing short of your expectations and demands.

You're also free to reach out to our customer service 24/7. You have some questions, suggestions, or complaints? You're always free to connect with us.

Finally, the iPhone 12 Pro Max Silicone Case is available in blue, red, berry, black, pine green, yellow, pink sand, purple, stone, etc.

Other silicone cases for your iPhone models you can  get are:

Factors You Need to Consider Before Investing in an iPhone Silicone Case

Of course, Shakespeare is the master in terms of making certain observations about human nature. But do you know that nobody knows you or your needs better than you?

So your best shot is to act preemptively and ask yourself certain questions before placing the order. Or what's the importance of getting a colorful phone case when it doesn't satisfy your needs?

Therefore, adopting the following measures as your yardsticks should save you from some embarrassing mistakes.

Consider Your Needs

Several experts and specialists in the digital industry have submitted that water damage isn't as common as screen damage.

However, this doesn't mean that aquatic accidents don't happen at all. Just that they're restricted to summers when you go on swimming and you accidentally took your phone along.

It can also happen during long weekends. Therefore, you need to ask and answer yourself if what you need is a glass screen protector or an iPhone case.

And if you know you can't resist the temptation of taking your phone to the sea, our advice is that you go for a drop-tested and waterproof silicone cover.

That way, you'll be fully fit to repel surprise dunks.


What kind of color suits you best? Would you like to go for a neon, pastel, or Pantone color? How about conventional hues like a watercolor and ombre, or you'll opt for a stock color?

This is another prerequisite you need to fulfill before investing in any of the colorful phone cases. Perhaps you'd love to incorporate the color of your home for your personalized case?

All you have to do is to answer them honestly.

Taste and Style

Do you want the styling design on your case to reflect your company or brand? And if that's the case, does a marble or glossy style achieve it?

You have a lot of options to choose from, so you shouldn't limit yourself. Since we have a ton of collections to pick from, it'll be brilliant to create a pattern that resonates with your brand.


There's a sole reason why you want to purchase a phone case - to protect your iPhone. But that's not the end.

You need to identify which parts of the phone need protection most and that's what you should use to determine your phone case specs 

So you need to make the back safer? Or the front is too exposed? Would you prefer a case that holds off chips on the sides or dents on the edges?

Final Remarks

From our discussion so far, it is crystal clear that silicone phone cases are the best phone cases to protect your iPhones.

Therefore, it follows that you need to conduct your research well before you choose the brand that provides the accessories.

Ta-da! You're in luck because IceSword is your go-to online store where you can get the best silicone phone cases for your iPhone. With IceSword, you can also gain access to different iPhone 13 colors and iPhone 13 pro max colors.

Now is the time to wrap your iPhone with a cluster of scientifically-inspired protective properties.

And not to be left out as we progress in the silicone revolution, we also have dozens of silicone cases for your AirPods pro.

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