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Is Fast Charging Bad for Your Phone? 4 tips to maximize charging performance

Fast charging


We are a generation of people who have access to the best technology. Specifically, if we discuss mobile phones, as compared to the previous decade, this decade will be experiencing some new devices that will blow their minds. But with new devices, there is a question every user has, and that is directly related to the battery life of the device.


Well, to help you out with knowing about the same and burst the bubble or some myths and facts, here we are exploring it in detail. Let's get started!


What Is Fast Charging?

First of all, what is fast charging? Let’s explain. 

A regular USB port puts out 2.5 watts of power. Anything above that is considered a fast charging device, but since consumers desire the fastest charge possible, you can find fast-charging devices and accessories that reach anywhere from 10 watts to 60 watts (for something substantial like a laptop). However, for a phone, a lightning fast charge would be a fast charger of 25 watts (think power adapter). 

Fast-charging wireless chargers, which use the Qi standard to transmit power over airwaves, can reach the same wattage. But they are generally slower than a fast-charging wire or power adapter. Still, they are pretty convenient. 


What Is Fast Charging Compatibility?


We hope right now you are aware that if you are charging a phone with a fast charger and a compatible battery, there will be no problem. But if you are charging a phone with a non-compatible charger, there will be problems. Thus, choose it wisely. Also, we have shared the best tips that will be helpful for you in maximizing the device's battery performance. Well, among all these devices, our personal favourite is removing the case and replacing it with the silicone phone case. This is a tried and tested tip so yes, you can trust it!


What Devices Support Fast Charging?

Power discs, power banks, power adapters, wireless chargers and more – there are countless fast-charging devices and tools available to premium phone users. But even with the plethora of fast-charging cables and accessories at our fingertips, one can’t help but wonder: is it safe? 

While keeping your battery charged is a top priority, is fast charging bad for your phone? Can the lithium-ion battery overheat or even deplete or weaken its power source over time? The answer to this question is highly debated and complicated. But we’re here to set the record straight. Plus, we’ll offer a few reputable fast-charging accessories.

Is Fast Charging Really Fast?

We all know right now that the fast-charging option is right there integrated into the devices, and within 30-60 minutes, the phone will turn from 0 to 100%. But there is a curiosity among people to know whether it is safe for their phones or not. Along with that, they lookout for some tips and tricks that can add to it. Some people suggest that if they are using a silicone phone case, they will not experience phone heating issues and as a result battery lasts for a long.

Is Fast Charging Bad for Your Phone?


First of all, understand that if you have purchased a device that supports fast charging and you have the charger compatible with it, there will be no loss to the device. But if the device you have is not compatible with the fast-charging option and you are still using the fast charger, it will ultimately have a major impact on its battery life. In some cases, it happens that the battery turns out to be dead, and you cannot use your device until and unless you have gone for a battery replacement. Hence, it is advisable to always choose a charger that is compatible with your device. If you have a device that supports fast charging, then using a fast charger will not be problematic in any case.

Is Fast Charging Bad for Your Phone Battery?

We’ve all felt our phone warm in our hands as it charges. It’s not unusual – it is generating power, after all. However, can a fast-charging device actually do more harm than good? Can it actually cause the phone to overheat and overextend the battery?

Generally speaking: No! There is some truth behind this thinking, which we’ll explain in a bit. But first, it helps to understand how fast chargers work to efficiently and safely charge your phone.  

Discover FUEL Fast Chargers

Fast charging operates in two stages. The first stage pumps a ton of power into your phone, boosting the battery as quickly as possible. This comes in handy when your battery is completely drained, giving you something to work with for emergencies, etc. However, after 10 to 30 minutes, your phone will hit 50 to 70 percent charge. Once this happens, your fast charging device enters the second stage. It will slow its roll, so to speak, so your phone’s battery doesn’t overheat. 

fuel charger

That being said, you can only fast charge a phone that is equipped to do so. Some older phone models – like the iPhone 7 – may not even have a fast-charging system. If your phone is designed for fast charging, using a standard charger won’t harm it either. Not sure if your phone is built with fast charging capabilities? You can always verify the specs on the website. 

Is fast charging bad for your phone? The short answer is no. While anything can happen, your phone is perfectly safe. Aside from a faulty design or technical issue in the battery or fast-charging device, fast charging is not bad for your phone. But there is one caveat: stick to a reputable manufacturer like IceSword for your charging accessories.

So What Is Bad for Your Phone? 

It’s no surprise that overheating the phone’s lithium-ion battery causes harm. But as we’ve demonstrated, a fast-charging device and a fast-charging phone will give it the boost it needs in a two-step process, slowing down toward the end to avoid overheating and subsequent damage. But there are some common things you might do that are indeed bad for your battery. 

Reaching Low Battery Levels

Allowing your phone to reach extremely low power levels is not great for it. It can cause a chemical reaction that harms the battery’s lifespan. Luckily, newer phones now feature a battery management system that will safely save the battery and power down the phone. Still, it’s safer to avoid these low battery levels, plugging in your phone before it reaches below roughly 25 percent power. 

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures – like leaving your phone in a hot car in the day or freezing tent at night – can really do some damage. Instead, try to keep your phone on you at all times to combat extreme temps.

So, is fast charging bad for your phone? As long as you use a compatible fast-charging device that is built from a reputable brand – like Case-Mate! – your battery and phone are safe and sound. 


How To Maximize Charging Performance?

Well, it is important to understand that with the advancement in technology, there are some solutions available to fix such common issues. For all the devices out there now, there are some methods available that help them to maximize the charging performance. The solution varies from choosing the phone case to other options. Some users consider that if they choose silicone cases, they will be happy to use them because the silicone phone case is considered best for the phone. If you wish to get one, then you can place an order from IceSword and get the premium quality case easily.


But along with that, there are some other tips that you should keep in mind to improve and maximize charging performance, and these tips include:


Updated The Latest Software On Your Phone?

Every time there is new software rolling out on the market, it comes up with some new features that are important for a device to function well. The software developers also pay attention to the battery life and integrate some additional features in the software that are helpful in improving and maximizing the charging and other features related to it. Well, in that case, it is advisable to update the device with the latest software. It doesn't matter whether you are using an Android device or an iPhone. If there is an update available for your device, do it right away.

To check out the software update, you can simply visit the settings option on your device and look for a software update.

Don’t Use Bulky Cases During Charging, Go For Silicone Phone Cases Instead?

Sometimes it happens that due to bulky phone case, the battery is not getting charged appropriately, and getting the maximum output in return seems to be difficult. To fix this, you can use silicone phones cases from IceSword. Yes, here you will find some premium, thin yet protective silicone cases for your device. Browse the list of products now and get one for your device. You can also try out EarPods case and screen protector range as well they are offering!


Optimize Your Device's Battery Performance:

Optimizing the battery performance of your device is also very important if you are experiencing battery drain issues or your device is not working properly.


You just need to visit the settings on your device and check out the battery section. In the battery section, there is an option available to optimize the battery and utilize the same. When you optimize the battery, the maximum issues related to the battery will be resolved, and it will last for a longer duration.

Use Low Power Mode:

Last but not least, a low power mode option is also present in the device. It is not only helpful for you to save the battery in the long term, but it also maximizes the performance of the battery. There are different options available in the low power mode that you can use. From minimum to maximum, the option varies, and accordingly, there will be an impact on the functionality. If you are using the minimum power mode, then the device will work fine, and only the battery will get optimized. But if you are using maximum power mode, you will be discouraged from using so many options. As per the requirement, you can simply choose the option.


We hope right now you are aware that if you are charging a phone with a fast charger and a compatible battery, there will be no problem. But if you are charging a phone with a non-compatible charger, there will be problems. Thus, choose it wisely. Also, we have shared the best tips that will be helpful for you in maximizing the device's battery performance. Well, among all these devices, our personal favorite is removing the case and replacing it with the silicone phone case. This is a tried and tested tip so yes, you can trust it!


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