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How Silicone Phone Cases Are Made? What Make It The Best Among Phone Cases?

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Mobile phones have evolved into much more than simply a means of communication. As new phones are released one by one, the necessity to safeguard their delicate bodies appears to be equally important. Because phones are used so frequently, they must be protected against dents, scratches, and breaks.

How Are Silicone Phone Cases Made?

Liquid silicone, commonly known as liquid silicone rubber, is a widely used silicon polymer that is elementally made of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and silicon. This silicon polymer has a strong oxygen and silica backbone on a molecular level, as opposed to the hundreds and thousands of polymers, which have a carbon backbone. You can also call it an elastomer.

Created from solid silicone, researchers initially utilized solid silicone-based elastomer in the 1940s because of its heat-resistant properties. As an electrical insulator, it then took the lead for generators and electric motors insulation.

With the advancement of separation technology, silicone rubber is gradually divided into a platinum-cured two-part elastomer which we call today liquid silicone. As distinct from solid silicone, liquid silicone has high fluidity. Thus, this is mostly used to make silicone phone cases.

Uses and Applications

Liquid silicone is widely used in high-precision industrial components, cosmetic products, apparel, kitchen items, home items and medical devices. Let us look at a few reasons that make liquid silicone the best choice for phone cases.

What Makes Liquid Silicone the Best Choice for Phone Cases?

Flexible and Elastic

Silicone rubber cell phone covers are lightweight, soft, and flexible. The flexibility helps the user to easily turn on and off a phone. Also, silicone is an extremely elastic substance, cases manufactured with it precisely suit the phone. For instance, no matter how many times you wish to remove your phone from the case, it will gain back its original shape.

Soft Hand Feel & Comfortable Grip

Liquid silicone has a soft and smooth feel to it. The case's cushion-like surface also protects it from scratches. Furthermore, it is lightweight, ensuring a pleasant and secure hold on the phone. It will lend sleek touch, finding it preferable to be used than any other cases.

Also, the grip on silicone rubber cases is amazing. As a result, the odds of your phone sliding through your fingers are quite slim. This is more ideal for those butterfingers. Also, if you run with the phone in your hand and sweat a lot, the grippy silicone phone cases will protect your phone from slipping out of your hand. It will avoid bumping onto the pavements.

Chemically Resistant and Inert

Another feature that makes liquid silicone the preferred phone case is its resistance to chemicals. Liquid silicone, which has a silicon-based backbone, is chemically inert. So, it becomes hypoallergenic and does not react with other substances.

As a result, it is the ideal phone case for people who are exposed to acids, solvents, and oils. Furthermore, because liquid silicone is chemically resistant. So, you can clean silicone phone case with an alcohol wipe to keep it free from germs and bacteria. Also, it is biocompatible and non-toxic, making it suitable even when you carry it while having food.

Environment Friendly

Silicone goods have become an alternative for similar plastic items due to their improved performance and the fact that they are a non-petroleum product that does not rely on increasingly scarce petroleum resources.

Silicone phone cases are environmentally benign since silicone is not a source of microplastic pollution and you can recycle it. Also, they are long-lasting. They're antimicrobial, and many of them are washable. Because of these qualities, they have a rather long useful life. So, while purchasing the cover does not make a hole in your pocket, you can use it for several years.

A Natural Electrical Insulator

As liquid silicone is a natural electrical and has dielectric properties, it works as an excellent material for electrical applications such as mobile phones. This property makes it a good choice for phones when connected to the electric supply for keeping the phone case on while charging.

Water Resistance

Liquid silicone is water-resistant due to its chemical structure, which includes methyl, water-resistant and hydrophobic groups. So, even when it falls on water, your phone remains safe.

Shock & Drop Protection

The flexibility of liquid silicone is one of the reasons why it is used as a protective cover.

Silicone sleeves are often long-lasting and resistant to tearing and other forms of damage. The majority of silicone phone cases are quite durable, which is advantageous for phone protection. So, despite regular wear and tear of the case, it can withstand damage and pressure and would not lose its original form.

Since it is of fast-curing nature, non-conductive, thermally conductive, stable, and flexible, liquid silicone is used as one of the best mobile silicone phone cases because of these advantageous qualities, which make the case strong, practical, and appealing.


Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: easy to use, dust-proof, fingerprint-resistant, easy to handle; soft and hard, cell phone silicone cover will have a certain degree of softness to protect the phone; cell phone silicone cover a variety of different specifications of the pattern, you can change an additional cell phone silicone cover every day or regularly to enrich life.

Disadvantages: In addition to protecting the phone, the cell phone silicone cover is easier to get dirty, and at the same time, it may affect the heat dissipation performance after 5 years of use and additionally increase the thickness of the phone


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