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Best Phone Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

New iPhone 13 Pro Max Silicone cases are designed to protect

IceSword iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

Not sure which of our 13 pro max cases you want to try first? Or having difficulty choosing the designer iPhone 13 pro max case?

IceSword's iPhone 13 pro max silicone cases come in over 20 colors. You can find any color to match your mood, outfit or style.

IceSword iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Colorful Cute Phone Case

The inner portion of IceSword's phone case is made with a smooth microfiber that cushions the surface of your phone and prevents the scraping of the phone's actual covering by reducing friction between the two surfaces.


The iPhone 13 Pro cases almost air-tight hold on the phone prevents dirt and other unwanted particles from getting in once the phone is safely secured. This means once you decide to remove it, you're not left with a crusty mark around the edges of your iPhone.


IceSword iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Colorful Cute Phone Case

You also don't have to worry about this tight-grip hold wearing off, and our iPhone 13 pro max bumper cases are made from the best material. They have been tried and tested and certainly passed the test of time. Our minimalistic design was truly made to protect.


On the outside, our cases are made of silicone but don't be fooled by its rubber-like appearance; this material is durable yet sleek, it is waterproof and provides a better surface hold. Our iPhone 13 Pro silicone case doesn't slide on the slipperiest of surfaces or stick to your fingers, so you don't have to worry about the texture changing after a few months of purchase.


IceSword iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Colorful Cute Phone Case

The Silicone provides a better press for all the buttons at the sides of the device, and all cases come with a perfect cut-out for your charging unit and phone speaker. The opening for your camera also comes reinforced with a slight outward protrusion for extra protection, and all our silicone cases have a great feel on the hand and add next to no extra weight to your iPhone, aka iPhone 13 pro max best case.



When you purchase a silicone case from IceSword, it comes with a transparent sealed protective covering. This prevents damage and mishandling during shipping and ensures your IceSword iPhone 13 Pro silicone case gets to you in perfect condition

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Pink Colorful Cute Phone Case


IceSword's iPhone 13 Pro Max silicone case has notable features


Generally, the design of our phone case is minimalist and gives all the protection needed without making the phone unnecessarily bulky. These iPhone pro max 13 cases have a slim build that might deceive one into thinking they won't give that much protection, but this is not true.


Is it the best case for iPhone 13 pro max?

The silicone material and microfiber linen make it possible to reconcile the slim design with the utmost protection. IceSword iPhone 13 Pro Max silicone case has the following features:


IceSword iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Colorful Cute Phone Case


Non-interference With Speaker: There is zero impact on the quality of sound coming from microphones and speakers of the phone. This means that the sound is just the same as if you aren't using any case.


Wireless Compatibility: The iPhone 13 case is compatible with iPhone's wireless charging, the top wireless charging technology offered by Apple . Also, it is compatible with apple’s wallets introduced by Apple last year.  


Protection for the Camera lenses: With great power comes great responsibility, they say. I say with great quality comes great security. The IceSword iPhone case concave hole is designed so that there is utmost protection for the camera lenses. The concave hole increases the angle between your iPhone's camera and the adjacent surface.


Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Orange Colorful Cute Phone Case


It prevents scratches that could arise from laying down the phone. Imagine your phone camera quality declining due to scratches. Ugh! Shop now and get protection for iPhone 13 Case.


Is this case for iPhone 13 pro max waterproof? 

The outside of the iPhone 13 pro max case is easy to clean and scratch-resistant, and also WATERPROOF! You can take this phone case with you to a beach day and no worries about getting into the water. Most importantly, the microfiber lining acts as a shock absorber for the phone and protects the phone from sliding and scuffing.


Maximum Protection for the device and Shockproof performance: The iPhone 13 pro max silicon cases have reinforced edges and raised lips around the phone screen to give the maximum possible protection to the delicate parts of the phone. Because the edges of this phone can be so sensitive to impact, this is extremely important.


The iPhone 13 case has an inner microfiber cushion that hugs the phone like a lover and has a raised edge that prevents scratches. It's made with premium liquid silicone rubber material, giving a smooth and soft feeling while holding the device. The inner cushion of IceSword’s case also comprises of hard shockproof PC, which is an excellent drop protector.


The IceSword case offers protection not only to the back but also to the screen. Its 3mm elevation above the screen edges provides absolute protection. The hard shockproof PC embedded within the soft microfiber lining and the flexible bottom offers great maximal protection from falls and external force that should normally damage your iPhone.

The soft bottom edge offers durability and also reduces impact from drops.


Minimalist Design: If you are someone who doesn't like cases that have too much focus on aesthetics, IceSword is for you. Their cases are simple and bring out the shape of the phone while adding a soft feel to the normally hard body. When picking a phone case, you don’t want to sacrifice protection and beauty, here comes to our cute iPhone 13 pro max case.



IceSword iPhone 13 Case Pink Colorful Cute Phone Case

Customer Care: Your wish, our hand! Feel free to contact IceSword’s customer anytime, 24hours a day, 7 days a week. They offer 24 hours professional services and also 365 days of technical support. You can contact them at info@IceSword.us


The iPhone 13 pro max silicon case costs only a penny, a competitive price that is certain to be more than worth it. You can get the case from other various sites or the IceSword website. For a minimal amount, you get to give your iPhone the protection it deserves and still have it looking fabulous.

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