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What Is Silicone Phone Case?


What Is Liquid Silicone
Liquid silicone, also called liquid silicone rubber, is a broadly-used silicon polymer which is composed of silicon, carbon, hydrogen as well as oxygen at the elemental level. At the molecular level, this silicon polymer comprises a silica and oxygen backbone, different from the vast majority of polymers which are made of the carbon backbone. Liquid silicone rubber, if more specifically categorized, can be regarded as an elastomer, therefore it provides durability and elasticity on phone cases.

When was silicon discovered

When it comes to how this material was first found out and used, in fact, it’s developed from solid silicone. Solid silicone-based elastomer was first used in the 1940s by chemists due to its heat-resistant characteristic. Then it takes the dominant position for electric motors and generators insulation as the electrical insulator.

Gradually, with the advance of separating technology, the silicone rubber is separated into a two-part platinum-cured elastomer which is what is called the liquid silicone. Unlike solid silicone which is solid, the liquid silicone is in a liquid state and has high fluidity, higher protection when dropping your phone, making it the perfect material choice for phone cases.


What Are the Properties of Liquid Silicone

Stable in Extreme Environments

Chemically Resistant and Inert



What does silicone phone case feel like?


Soft Hand Feel & Comfortable Grip

Shock & Drop Protection

Water & Moisture Resistant

Anti-Grease & Anti-Corrosion

Electrical Insulation

Safe and Durable from Over-Heating or Other Extreme Temperatures

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