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How Minimalist Design Helps People to Concentrate Better and Reduce Work-Life Stress

Minimalist Lifestyle


Minimalism is about intentionality, not deprivation” (STOJANIVIC) All we need in life is less. Less is beautiful rather than having a million things in life because Simplicity is the key to happiness. 


Minimalist Lifestyle

What is Minimalist Lifestyle?

A minimalist lifestyle had reduced materialistic thinking, and mental and work-life stress(Meissner, 2022). This lifestyle gives you an engaged mindfulness contour. The color psychological theory tells us that the red spectrum of colors gives you warmness and comfort feelings ranging from consolation to some other high ranged emotions. Whereas ranges of blue color evoke the feeling of calmness. 


phone case pink

How Does Minimalism Apply In Your Daily Life?

In the iPhone cases if you use a solid color that is warm or cool depending upon your personality it will give you the feeling of that specific color. Some people think minimalism is decluttering or getting rid of things that cause you stress. (How Minimalism Can Improve your Mental Health, 2020; Meissner, 2022). But some working tasks act as attention grabbers and put you in a stressful situation. The change helps you to overcome this unpleasant social cue.



How Stress Affects The Body?

According to the American Psychological Association report of 2017, 75% of adults experience a high level of stress in their working environment and half of them said they stay awake at night due to the stress. When we see the DSM-V, the depression disorder had the same criteria as the mild one: the person faces terminal sleep, fractional or no sleep at night. The stress leads you to depression to overcome this you have to choose minimalism to balance the stress and happiness on the same continuum. Running from stress causes you to be more stressed about thinking about how you can ditch the stress. 


Be Brave To Face Stress 

But positive psychology told us the solution that doesn’t run from our fears and tries to tackle them with more energy and some Emotional intelligence. The minimalism increases that sense in you. In this Era, mobile phones become an important role in our life we don’t run from this. A ton of research told us that mobile phone causes stress issues but 90% of people can’t live without them due to their easy mode of communication we can make this lifestyle worth living and life-changing by including the minimalist lifestyle into our practice. The Phone cases that IceSword selling is somehow making the less stuff Cool and stress-free.

Some researchers' analysis (Meissner, 2022) tells us that we can enhance the ecological relevance of a minimalist lifestyle by making the “Less Stuff Cool”. 


What Is Minimalism Mindfulness?

When we see the Minimalism Mindfulness and degrowth ambition. This theory tells us, "Economic growth gives everything to society, ranging from cancer treatment to indoor plumbing.” There is a greater overlap between minimalism and degrowth. The minimalist lifestyle focused on less stress if there is less stress there is more concentration or directional attention. 



According to above mentioned hypothetical equation when the stress is less the concentration is more or vice versa but in this minimalism act as the main bridge between the two. When minimalism is applied to our daily designs the degree of stress is less or at the same time degree of concentration becomes greater.


How Body Reacts To Stress?

When a body experiences a stressful situation our body releases hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline, etc. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system triggers the “Flight or Fight Response” and after that, it calms our body down when the situation is under control. 


Too Much Stress Is Bad For Health

Stress had a lot of negative impacts on our health such as it disturbs our sleep, weakens our immune system, and makes our body more prone to infection. As we discussed earlier the DSM-V has the criteria of sleep disturbance in stressful situations.

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