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What to do if your AirPods get wet? 6 Actionable Drying Steps To Save Your AirPods In No Time

AirPods Get Wet

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Sometimes, your AirPods may get wet with spilled laundry in the washer or if it's raining outside and you hold them in your pocket. Or, maybe you're on the toilet and your AirPods slip out of their case.

What’s the best way to dry off electronics that have gotten wet? Sometimes it's possible to save them, such as with an Apple AirPod.

But before you do anything, read these five important facts first.

AirPods get wet

Is it possible to save a soaked AirPod?

All versions of AirPods — both standard and Pro models and the recently released Max edition — are not waterproof.


AirPods pro get wet

Are AirPods actually waterproof?

The standard AirPods, the AirPods Max, and the Smart Cases are all no's. However, there is some good news: The AirPods Pro are sweat and water resistant. These headphones are IPX4 rated. They hold up if they get wet from any direction or when they sweat, and holding up if exposed to any amount of splash or sweat. But you should know that their water resistance can wear away over time depending on your usage. If your IPX4 rating decreases overtime because of wear and tear, don't worry- as long as your sweat doesn't exceed the IPX4 rating for water resistance. 

You can swap them in for your standard AirPods, but it will significantly increase the price of the product.

AirPods pro get wet

AirPods are water-resistant now – here’s what to do if they get wet

If your AirPods get wet, don't worry! There are a few simple steps you can use to dry them off. Immediately use a soft, dry cloth, preferably microfiber because it attracts water and dries quickly. Placing the AirPods upside down will also speed up drying. Afterward, place them in a safe spot to dry for up to several days depending on how wet they were. Cases dry best when the lid is open and they are stored upside down.

Step 1: dry your AirPods with a clean cloth
Step 2: open the case lid and keep it upside down
Step 3: never dry it with hair dryer
Step 4: place AirPods in a container with silica gel packets
Step 5: leave it for 2 days/ until dry out completely


AirPods pro get wet

Apple advises that before using, or storing your AirPods in their case, the entire device must be completely dried. Putting them in the case before complete drying could cause problems for the charging case or for the AirPods themselves.

Why should you not dry your AirPods with a hair dryer?

It is not recommended to try to dry your AirPods using a heat source such as a hair dryer. These sources of heat can cause more damage.

What can I do if my AirPods still don’t work after drying them off?

AirPods pro get wet

To get your AirPods back to working condition, you can use rice or silica gel packets. The former is wrapped in paper towels in case a single grain of rice gets stuck in the AirPods while they are drying out. In the form of silica gel packets, to suck out any moisture. Silica gel packets are those little packets that say, “Do Not Eat” and are typically found in bag boxes, shoe boxes, supplement containers, and packaged with electronics to ward off moisture build up. To try to dry your AirPods off in this way, place them in a container with the packets. Again, it may take 2 days or more for them to dry out completely.


When should I give up trying to dry my AirPods off?

If headphones stop connecting to devices or don’t turn on after 2 days, it’s probably time to give up and get a new pair.

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