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The Mind-Brain Connection: How Practicing Mindfulness Can Transform Your Brain



Mindfulness Minimalism and Well-being Sleep

Mindfulness relationship is observed between well-being and sleep. The study conducted by Howell et. al between 305 undergraduate students revealed that emotional, psychological, and social well-being are the predictor of well sleep quality and morningness (Howell et al., 2008). The study also told that sleep is dependent upon circadian preferences as well. 


Can Mindfulness improve Sleep quality?

Circadian rhythm is disturbed or strengthen by the individual itself. This rhythm is consolidated by the light. The brain called as hypothalamus receive direct information of light from retina. The pathway is called the retinohypothalmaic pathway. The hypothalamic part named as suprachiasmatic nucleus help the human to reset their biological clock named as circadian rhythm which is located above optic chiasm.

Nerve from retina→Suprachsiamtic nucleus→Effect Biological clock

Also, the melatonin hormone and the pineal body helps in normal sleep cycle. 

We can relate the above concept the minimalist room design helped us to sleep better because there is no more scattering of the light that disturb you in the night and become you more prone to depressive disorder and the sleep disorder. Such as terminal sleep. 


How minimalist room design boost sleeping quality?

The Pons also helped in the sleep and awake cycle as well as the reticular formation is also important in the biological clock. Pontomesenchepalon is deals with the arousal it secretes acetylcholine and nicotine that help sleep and awake cycle. The pontomesencephalic angle has been described as a valuable tool in the imaging diagnosis of intracranial hypotension. A normal value is 65 +/- 10, and a value less than 50 indicates intracranial hypotension. The posterior cerebral artery receives the posterior communicating artery from the internal carotid near this junction.


How minimalist design affect our brain?

The oculomotor nerves emerge from the midbrain and pass between the superior cerebellar and posterior cerebral arteries at the interpeduncular fossa. The trochlear nerves emerge from the midbrain's dorsal surface and wrap around the cerebral peduncles before coursing forward to the cavernous sinus. The trigeminal nerves emerge from the pons's anterolateral aspect. All the aspects were responsible somehow normal functioning of the sleep cycle. 


What is your brain doing while sleeping?

Locus coerlus is also a part that is inactive when we are awake and also inactive when we are not sleeping. It also activates when the personal information hits to our head. For example, your name. This thing some how related to sleep and awake it related to self-esteem pathway and more confidence and better sleep. 

As the minimalist life style increases the mindfulness increases that helped you to be more self-oriented, self-controlled, more injective towards things, and effect tolerant as well. The theory theorized by the American psychological association have positive effect of mindfulness.


The psychologist’s findings were clear if you need your full attention to a certain work try to eliminate your phone from your area of sight. Because when there is a phone Infront of you when you are doing very important work there is a greater chance that your attention will divert to the phone. But when you are using a minimalist cover that is submerged in your environment there is less chance that you divert your attention to that phone. The mobile phones covers helped us in minimalize the effect of that divergence. 

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