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Are Screen Protectors Worth the Hype and Promotions? 9 Exclusive Reasons Why You Need to Get One

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There's this excitement that comes with unboxing a brand new phone. Without tiny dents, scratches, wear and tear from daily use, and fingerprints. Unlike your former phone, the screen has no stains. But what's the assurance that the elation will last? We're about to share with you a way out - a glass screen protector.


Getting a smartphone is a very expensive mission and you wouldn't want to invest your $1,000 or more only to have the screen scratched, dented, or broken.

At that point, uncertainty starts popping up. You don't want history to repeat itself because you probably got this new phone because of the old one's damaged screen.

But the challenge there's that you don't know how to turn the table around. You might even be at a crossroads of whether you should get the phone a colorful phone case or a screen protector.

Are screen protectors necessary for your phone? Of course, they are. We'll also take you by the hand as we address every question you might have about these premium phone accessories.

In research championed by Allied Market Research and publicized by the New York Times, statistics show that expenses on getting accessories from phone stores will move from $61 billion in 2014 to $107.3 billion by 2022.

Now that we've seen the accuracy of the report, you should know that phone users wouldn't be spending this much if there's no value gotten in return.

So even if you use the best iPhone, failure to shield your phone with our shatterproof protector is as good as driving a car without bumpers.

Kindly follow attentively as you learn the benefits of our screen protectors.

What is a Screen Protector?

A screen protector is a very affordable and excellent tool to shield your iPhone's vulnerable screen. It'll act as a security measure against potential dings and key scratches.

In most cases, it will help you absorb the shock generated after a fatal fall. That gives you the grace to pick up your phone after fall as if nothing happened.

For easier identification, a screen protector is derived from a thin glass or transparent plastic that you can carefully apply to the phone's screen.

Instead of affecting your glass display, the idea is that the screen protector sacrifices itself by taking in the impact of the fall.

Meanwhile, you should know that there are different screen protectors for different phones. 

That's because a protector is often carved out to fit the exact design of your phone with some appropriate places cut out.

This means that, at IceSword, we have the perfect screen protector for your iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 pro max, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12, and lots more.

Now, let's take a quick run through how to apply a protector. Although this isn't the conventional method, it doesn't hurt to give it a try.

First, get a microfiber cloth to wipe the phone's screen clean.

The next step is to place and gently press the glass screen protector on the phone. We will advise that you get a squeegee tool to force out the bubbles, water, or any unwanted remnants.

After that, you'll be glad to see a perfectly flat surface - some protectors won't even be visible until you take a closer look. Ta-da! Your phone is now safe.

Finally, you should always remember that it's way easier to install a brand new screen protector than to replace a cracked or broken display.

Type of Screen Protectors

While checking Amazon or any other online stores for a screen protector that fits your phone, chances are that you've come across certain jargon and specs.

Have you seen 9H hardness, gorilla glass, TPU plastic, or oleophobic coating before? Not to worry. We'll help you crack the puzzles open as we move on.

For now, let's talk about the most common types of screen protectors on the market. They're all made with different materials, so it shouldn't be surprising that each has some pros and cons.

Tempered Glass

This is the best-rated version of the screen protector every iPhone user should have. And what makes it more user-friendly is the fact that it gives your phone 100% safety from drops and scratches.

Although critics might argue that its durability is not guaranteed like the ones made from TPU plastic, a tempered glass screen protector provides far more strength to withstand drops and scratches.

It will also maintain close contact with the screen and that's what makes them more unique to use.

With these few attributes pointed out, don't you think this is your best chance to inject the phone with long life?

Having said that, the next challenge you need to overcome is identifying your best choice from a ton of various tempered glass screen protectors.

Meanwhile, we have divided the screen protectors based on your iPhone model. So all you need to do is place an order for your phone's screen.

Another bonus you'll enjoy while using IceSword's protectors is that they are very easy to clean. There's also oleophobic coating and sports beveled edges that hold off fingerprints and blemishes.

TPU Plastic

Also known as thermoplastic polyurethane, TPU is a chemically-induced plastic capable of giving you higher resistance to scratch, toughness, grease and oil resistance, and elasticity.

Since TPU is elastic, the major downside attached is that the material has lower "self-healing" capacities.

Plastic screen protectors are often affordable, with the most expensive not exceeding $10. However, the twisted plot is that plastic protectors aren't as protective and reliable as tempered glass protectors.

In other words, if you're interested in getting a protector that maximizes your phone's life span, it's not advisable to get one made of plastic.

That's because it welcomes scratch marks and stains more than other types of screen protectors.

The most disheartening part of TPU plastic is that the marks and smudges sustained here are permanent and the fingerprints battles with poor resistance. Also, you might not enjoy a full screen and display coverage.

So if you want a low-budget product with basic protection, you can opt for this. After all, half of a loaf is always better than none.

Liquid Glass Protector

This is another unique exceptional and most recent way of protecting your screen. LSP, as fondly called, simply demands that you have a new layer imparted on the iPhone's original screen.

That is, you don't have to get a separate screen protector for your iPhone 12 pro max or any other Apple iPhone model.

All you have to do is strengthen the screen through a chemical process. To see this through, you'll have to wipe the screen with a silicon dioxide solution laid off in alcohol.

If you follow the process closely, you should discover that as the alcohol dries up, the silicone solution also finds its way into the blemishes and pores in the glass.

Within the next 24 hours, the silicon dioxide solution must have fully bonded with the screen and the result will be a stronger and outstretched surface.

Finally, you should note that this process is tested and trusted, so you don't have to accommodate the fear of "what if it affects my phone's aesthetics?" There's nothing of such.

This is an amazing chance for you, our dear reader. Make hay while the sun shines!

Anti-glare Screen Protectors

Drawn from the inspiration of tempered glass, this type of protector has an additional coating that makes it easier for you to view in direct sunlight. How's this possible?

The screen protectors have been programmed to obstruct the ultraviolet (UV) rays. Isn't that super-duper?

If you're always on the phone or a die-hard Netflix subscriber (or you often use the phone outside), you may like to check out this offer.

Privacy Screen Protector

Here is one of the best phone accessories you can gift your screen.

Imagine you're working in a very populated workplace or you're in public transit and you don't want the folks sitting (or standing) next to you to know what you're doing on your phone, a privacy screen is all you need.

All your potential intruders will see from the side is a black screen.

Pros of Using a Screen Protector Designed by IceSword

There are a lot of goodies to enjoy when you make IceSword your go-to store for screen protectors. They include the absence of abrasions and tears, privacy, and others.

This guide will take you on an in-depth analysis as we review the benefits together. All we need from you, however, remains your keen attention.

Let's dig deeper.

Safety from Tear and Daily Wear

Like what we offer at IceSword, you can trust our glass screen protector to give your phone absolute assurance from accidental drops, dings, scrapes, and major scratches.

Whereas, it doesn't matter whether you keep the phone inside a bag or pocket, you should know that it gets tossed all day. So you need to give it maximum protection.

After a while, the endless tossing starts wearing the phone out gradually.

Therefore, the screen - the most vulnerable and delicate part of the phone - will be shielded from any form of aggression or external force.

Going further, fortifying your device with our shatterproof screen protector is more of additional defense.

For example, our iPhone 13 screen protector will give you a magical and amazing experience. All you need to do is place your order.

Protection from Falls and Drops

Imagine you're walking down a sidewalk and your phone accidentally tumbles from your hand, the absence of a protector on the screen surface might lead it to cracks and dents.

At that moment, you'll most likely be filled with regrets for not spending some extra dollars on a reliable screen protector like ours. 

So, that's enough evidence that even if all you're after is the daily guarantee of safety, all you need is a screen protector from IceSword.

You should also note that these specially-made screen protectors are built to protect your phones with their lives. In other words, a screen protector is like a sacrificial lamb to your device.

They will receive the shock caused by the impact and it might, sometimes, lead to a crack. But the most important thing is that it doesn't affect the phone screen.

At that point, your phone will appreciate you. But you need to do something first - invest in the screen protector!

Offers Privacy Perks

You're so lucky! Yes, another huge advantage you can amass from screen protectors is their privacy-enhancing features. So how's this an advantage?

The screen protector offers you a subtle way of keeping your activities on the phone away from prying or lurking eyes. And if you're wondering how it works, let's break it this way.

Through this privacy-enhancing accessory, the updates and data on your phone can only be seen by you and that's if you maintain a particular position.

That is, you have to look at the phone's screen directly by looking at it straight on. Any other person looking at the screen when the phone is tilted or watching from the side won't get a proper and clear view.

If you're working at a firm and you do not want anyone else to have access to the firm's confidential information you're working on, this privacy screen protector should work perfectly for you.

Or are you a remote worker who's always conscious of his privacy? We've brought you the best way to live and stay safe.

Screen Protectors Reduces Glare to the Barest Minimum

Through diffusion and matte finishing coat, all our screen protectors are anti-glare and they can help you slash down the intensity of the reflected images and display rays.

This is where tempered glass screen protectors enjoy more ratings than TPU plastic. That's because your eyes can only be exposed to the least level of strain.

This means that you don't have to struggle with the loss of interest or fatigue that often accompany excessive exposure to lights or rays.

Also, our glass protectors will help you promote screen visibility by reducing glare and reflections generated by bright light

It Promotes the Phone's Aesthetics

Have you heard the popular west African proverb that "appearance speaks volumes about one's personality?

Yes, that statement is not limited to what you wear, your phone accessories are also included.

So investing in a reflective screen protector is the best way to keep your fashion sense intact while also using it as a mirror.

What do we mean? You can use the protector as a mirror anytime the screen is turned off. That's because it's designed to give a mirror-like finish. Isn't that fantastic?

Are you a lady who loves to know the condition of her makeup at intervals? All you need to do is use a stone to kill two birds by getting our reflective screen protector.

You can also use it to check the impact of the sudden gust of wind on your hair and bring it back to its position.

However, all these novelty benefits cannot be enjoyed when the phone is in use because it'll give you a "normal screen" display.

Our Screen Protectors Give No Room for Fingers Sticking

Do you remember that we talked about screen protectors that are almost invisible when applied the other time? Yes, we call them ultra-clear protectors.

After installing this type of accessories, they're so ultrathin when compared to other types.

They'll also give you a smooth and bright surface that you can easily navigate without sticking your hand.

IceSword Screen Protectors are Shatterproof

You've always wanted to make your iPhone 12 pro max resistant to screen damages? Here is your chance to set the path right with IceSword screen shields.

All the 8 screen protectors for sale on our online store are your best chance at safeguarding the screen from shattering and scratches.

Of course, we understand that iPhone 13 and other models are equipped with Gorilla Glass protectors. But that shouldn't be the end of the story.

Therefore, we advise that you further build on that leverage by applying a tempered glass screen protector that'll pitch it far away from the usual wear and tear.

Unlike a TPU plastic screen protector, all our products at IceSword are comfier for users because you can flow with the touch screen better.

Yes, that's possible because there's no pucker or bubble. Even if you tell a third party, such a person will find it difficult to believe that it's not your phone's original screen.

However, you should keep in mind that the screen protectors are a bit pricey but that shouldn't be a problem.

After all, no amount is too much to invest in the security of your phone accessories.

The Screen Protectors can Repel Specks of Dirts

It's no longer news that common surfaces, like your phone's screen, which often undergo a series of touches can be smeared with sweat at any time.

This also includes muck after heavy use, skin oils, fingerprints, and lots more. But that's not your problem if you could settle for IceSword screen protectors.

That's because these protectors are built to resist all sorts of contaminants and smudges.

Through them, every potential safety issue will be put under check and optimal performance can be assured.

Screen Protectors are Antibacterial

Do you even know that your phone contains more bacteria than your toilet? That's a position backed up by scientific proof.

But there's a silver lining. You can live free of these bacteria when you get yourself an antibacterial screen protector.

These protectors are made from a special coating that distorts the growth of mold and mildew, fungi, and bacteria. And they're largely responsible for the odor, stains, and other dangers on your device.

Through the unique coating alone, more than 99% of the bacteria will be killed by inhibiting their growth and communication.

The 8 Best and Highly Recommended Screen Protectors for Every iPhone User

At IceSword, we work with the core objective of satisfying our existing and prospective buyers through minimalist designs.

And the following screen protectors, being minimalist designs, have an unequivocal splendor that allows your personality to shine.

Using any of these protectors, depending on your phone model should give your screen excellent protection.

Looking for a screen protector that stands out? We have them in abundance here. Let's check them out.

Screen Protector for iPhone 13 Pro Max (Tempered Glass) 6.7"

Are you using iPhone 13 pro max? Great! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you'll be amazed at the endless perks you'll enjoy while using the screen protector.

Just as you've always known us, we prioritize your visual taste and color preference, so you have the discretion of going for privacy, matte, anti-blue light, and superior HD clear.

The iPhone 13 screen protector is the best and unrivaled product among its peers. It has a super-slim and superb structure with a very solid 9H hardness rating.

So you'll never know it's right on the screen as it gives your phone maximum protection.

It offers high-grade sensitivity and illuminates your screen display. And the installation process is a walk in the park!

Considering the whopping number of reviews coming in from our verified buyers, it's cocksure that you're a step in the right direction.

Make your choice here and now

Screen Protector for iPhone SE 3/SE 2020/7/8 (Tempered Glass) 4.7”

You've always wanted to give your iPhone SE 3 the best screen protector but you don't trust the brands? We're glad that you are on this page.

The screen protector is specially designed for you and your needs and all you need is to place your order here and start to interact with your phone better.

And if you want to place an order for more than one screen protector, all you have to do is select your preferred quantity on the product's page.

The iPhone SE 3/SE 2020 screen protector, alongside other protectors, is designed with Japanese privacy tech.

The implication is that we are here to help you protect your privacy in such a way that folks near you who may be intruding from any angle above 45° in both directions cannot see the screen or the content.

Isn't that a stunning leverage? Only IceSword does it better!

However, you should note that this privacy feature will reduce the brightness of the screen a bit. So it's advisable to increase your iPhone brightness up to somewhat 10% to 20% for a more fitting view.

Can you now see that you need to get the iPhone SE 3 screen protector for yourself and your loved ones too?

Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max (Tempered Glass) 6.7”

When you bought your iPhone 12 pro max, we understand how expensive it was and that's the more reason why we want to help you extend its life span.

And all you've got to do is get iPhone 12 pro max screen protector for it. Yes, it's that simple!

The screen protector is also built in a friendly environment and it has a shatterproof feature. That is, it is ever ready to absorb the shock produced when the phone suddenly tumbles from your hand.

Apart from that, you also get to enjoy first-class 9H hardness and oleo-phobic and hydrophobic coating which help you minimize fingerprints and sweat.

Most importantly, our iPhone 12 pro max screen protector is scratch-resistant and it gives the user a deeper degree of succor while using it.

Here is a classy product with superior quality. Place your order today.

Screen Protector for iPhone 11/XR - Tempered Glass 6.1"

This super-slim and sleek screen protector works perfectly for both iPhone 11 and iPhone XR users.

So here is a wonderful product designed to give you absolute comfort while operating and, at the same time, ensure that the screen is well-guarded.

Kudos to our team of engineers, the protector has a full refund edge-to-edge screen coverage. This is an offer you can only enjoy with IceSword.

Going further, the iPhone 11/XR screen protector is also bubble-free, fingerprint-free, dust-free, and scratch-resistant.

Grab the offer while it lasts today.

Other shatterproof iPhone screen protectors you can get for yourself, friends, and family members are:

How to Invest in the Perfect Tempered Glass Screen Protector that Fits Your Screen

The iPhone industry revolves around higher performance, improved specs, and longevity. And the major path you can tread to achieve this is using a tempered glass screen protector.

Meanwhile, there are various protectors in the market and many phone users can barely distinguish between the real and counterfeit.

This means that you need to identify what works best for your phone model. After all, each phone has certain specs and demands.

So how do you know what to buy or not? Are there any guidelines you need to follow? Let's check the following tips.

Durability and Anti-Scratch Property

The most important features of any high-quality glass screen protector are its longevity and scratch resistance.

Anytime you're about to place the order, whether in an online or physical phone store, the product should be able to stand keys, scissors, blades, or any other sharp objects beyond the ground scraping.

Even if possible, you can also ask the manufacturers about the quality and material of the products.

Smooth Touch Feeling and Cozy Movement of Fingers

Very essential too. It's way better to give the screen protector some gentle finger slides or strokes to determine if it'll give you a delicate and warm feeling.

Ordinarily, the idea is to give your iPhone screen a smooth touch, so how can the screen protector achieve that when it gives your fingers a rough texture? Do you get it now?

The feeling should even be cozier than what you get while sliding your fingers on the phone's original screen.

On the other hand, low-quality scratch guards are designed with somewhat rough glass film and it doesn't give a smooth touch feeling.

So instead of going for a glass protector with sticky touch, why not pitch your tent with IceSword for your high-quality, durable, and sophisticated screen protector?

Shatterproof for Improved Protection

Ideally, when your phone accidentally falls and hits the ground, the tempered glass screen protector does the magic of protecting the phone's screen from breaking. Right?

But there's more to the talk. You can go a mile ahead of other phone users by getting a shatterproof glass membrane.

It works just like your car's windshield and the only disparity is that this one uses glue.

Meanwhile, it's a bit disheartening that many glass screen protector producers and dealers aren't giving their products this peculiar property.

But we're glad to inform you that IceSword pays special attention to this.

For you to be at peace that our screen protectors are the shatterproof products you can lay your hands, there's a general test we've come to adopt.

Dubbed "Drop Test", all you have to do is allow a drop of water on the phone's membrane, if the water drop doesn't spread up to 110°, then the steel tech used for the cell phone's membrane isn't good enough.

In other words, you've landed on a magic wand if it spreads beyond 110°. Therefore, such a mobile phone will work perfectly with a shatterproof screen protector like ours.

But if you're using iPhone 13, iPhone 12 pro max, iPhone 12 mini, 13 pro, and other iPhone models, your device's membrane is ready-made and built to accommodate a shatterproof screen.

Final Remarks - IceSword has You and Your Phone's Screen Covered

We remember that you started this article with hundreds of questions running through your mind - "Do I need glass a screen protector?", "Are these phone accessories that important?".

But we strongly believe that you're positive that you need one because that phone in your hand deserves maximum protection.

That's why we, at IceSword, designed our Tempered Glass Screen Protectors to the highest specifications of every end-user.

We believe that our screen protectors are the best and most loyal friend your phone has been waiting for.

Follow IceSword online store to have a full picture of our available screen protectors and other amazing products such as colorful iPhone cases and Airpods pro cases.

A trial will convince you!

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