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6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Phone Case

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case

If you have a knack for putting a customized touch on those accessories you use daily, decorating your clear phone case should be a perfect way of proving it. And if you need inspiration on how to achieve these sleek decors, you're at the right place. Read further to discover them!

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case


As simple as it looks, a clear phone case is the best way to show off your style and grandeur. So you need to be intentional about owning a second-to-none case. For instance, imagine that you just landed a sophisticated clear phone case that does everything you want.

It shields your device from dents, bruises, scratches, bumps, and falls. But deep down inside of you, you know that something is omitted. That's elegance and class seeking recognition there! So that brings us to the question - "how can I decorate my clear phone case?".

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case

We have compiled some mind-blowing ideas that can trigger and unleash the creativity in you. Meanwhile, all these ideas are DIY clear phone case designs. In other words, you can do them yourself.

Sit back and read with rapt attention as we crack this puzzle open. Here's your chance to spice up your phone design. Follow these ideas and you'll be glad to have a specially graced clean phone case that nobody else has.

  1. Paint with nail polish.
  2. Stickers.
  3. Texture.
  4. Art.
  5. Pressed flowers.
  6. Photographs.

How to Design a Clear Phone Case with Painted Nail Polish

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case

The first step here's that you make a list of your favorite colors and envisage which of them looks stunning as a pair. You can start with some glowing yellows and reds or probably some soothing greens and blues. Oh, how about that glitter polish you've abandoned on your rack for years? You can also break it and refashion it for your clear phone case.

Now, you should create a witty design. Lines and dots should come in handy here. After all, they're always in sync with thick nail polish. And if the creativity in you is at work, why not create a picture that looks more charming and mesmeric than a simple design?

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Phone Case

Meanwhile, don't forget that you'll be painting in large strokes on the case. So we'll advise that you go for flowers since they align better with nail polish.

While decorating the clear phone case, your phone color will be transparent through the case. So you shouldn't use paint of the same color as your phone. For example, you're not advised to use blue paint if you're using a blue phone.

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Phone Case

But irrespective of the pattern you choose or design, ensure that the nail polish is dried for 30 minutes before you touch it. Failure to heed this warning might lead to smears and smudges.

How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case with Stickers

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case

Stickers are amusing and inexpensive and they flow with almost every design you could think of. Besides, you can replace stickers at intervals, depending on the aura you're in or feeling. A sticker can champion a cause you believe in, air your favorite philosophy about living, or could be anything entertaining that makes you smile anytime you gaze upon it.

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Phone Case

And if you can't find a sticker that supports your ideology for the clear phone case, why don't you go the DIY way? There are tons of personalized environment-friendly sticker printers you can adopt online.

You can also use this clear phone case sticker idea to unveil the patriotism or the love of nature in you.

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Phone Case

Decorating Clear Phone Case by Adding Texture

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case

Yes, it's time to divert a bit from the convention. Your phone case can also work as a cool spot to accommodate ornament and other items you bumped into and you don't want to lose them. Probably after a fun-filled and adventurous day at the beach, you gather a couple of small seashells and fix them on your phone case.

However, the secret here is that you ensure that they're arranged in lively and interesting patterns before gluing them on the case. You should also enjoy the freedom that comes with this idea, go as artistic or as silly as you want. Remember, even a mistake in art is a design!

Do you know the added perk with this decor style? It makes your phone case quite different from others, so it'll be pretty easy to find and identify your phone, even in a cloud or obscure place. What a super-duper style!?

How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case Using Art

Here's another DIY clear phone case design. So if you truly have a flair for a personal touch on your accessories, you shouldn't miss this yummy offer. You can incorporate some mini-paintings, sketches, or casual drawings on the clear case.

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case

The intense flavor of art is an amazing pattern on how to decorate a clear phone case in a manner that'll offer ecstasy and beautify those things you hold dear. All you have to do is surrender yourself to the artistic bug in you and the rest becomes a walk in the park.

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Phone Case

Even if you can't arrive at appealing art that'll do the perfect job, you can leverage on engaging and cute art produced by renowned artists. For instance, platforms like Etsy has hundreds of outstanding arts created by different artists.

DIY Transparent Phone Case Design Using Pressed Flowers

This is one of the most underrated and elegant ideas to decorate your transparent phone case. And it has lots of beauty tips - you can choose from the abundance of nature or to remind you of the memories of a particular place you traveled to.

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case

Here's how to do it.

  1. Choose a dazzling flower from the garden or area in question and put it between the pages of a textbook.
  2. Put a weight on the large book for quick results.
  3. Depending on your choice, you can go for different flowers with diverse sizes and colors or preserve the stems.
  4. Give it 7 days for the flowers to be fully dried and conserved.
  5. Take out the flower from the pages of the book and place it between your clear case and phone.
  6. That's a wonderful trademark right there!
6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Phone Case

To make sure that the flowers are intact and beautiful as always, you should carve out a piece of contact paper to tighten and support the flowers by putting them in the case. This will also prevent the flowers from falling off.

DIY Clear Phone Case Design with Photographs

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case

Sliding one or more cute photographs into your clear phone case is another foolproof way to retain good vibes as you work through the hustles and bustles of the day. All you have to do is find a nice photo of yourself, your granny, spouse and kids while on a mini-vacation, your favorite artist, or anything or anyone that puts a smile on your face.

Have you gotten a photo? Now, let's cut it into a perfect rectangular form and slide it into the case. Yeah, you don't have to glue it. That is, the case and phone will give it the needed support. So anytime you want to replace the photos, you can easily do that.

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case

To give this decor tip a more artistic and personal touch, you can create some unconventional but fashionable patterns on the clear phone case or sprinkle some glitter over it. You can also create your designs between the phone and the clear phone case. How do you do that?

Get a contact paper and cut it to the appropriate size and create a doodle of yourself and family members while having a good time or anything that comes to your mind. And if you're the kind of person whose favorite photos are online, it's probably time to hire any of the online services to print your best-loved social media photographs for you.

6 Easy DIY Tips on How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case

Conclusion IceSword Has You Covered.

It doesn't matter the style you finally choose to decorate your clear phone case, you can get dozens of options to inspire you and fast-track the process online. So are you ready to get a brand new case for your iPhone devices? Icesword is here for you and your satisfaction is our pleasure.

You should also note that the frontal part of your phone is as crucial as the rear part, so it's time to get your resilient, shatterproof and highly durable screen protectors from Icesword. Shop with us today at Icesword and subscribe to DIY tomorrow!

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