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5 Powerful Ways to Clean Your Clear Phone Case

Nothing gives a phone user a nightmare than a once dazzling and radiant clear phone case developing an unappealing yellow color. So what's the way out of this menace? This article will show you simple and natural ways to give your clear phone case a good, deep, and clean wipe.


Whether it's Samsung's alluring Galaxy Z Fold3 or Apple's sparkling Space Gray, you invested in the phone because you love how it looks. And our phones have evolved beyond mere gadgets for communication - they're now a core determinant of our fashion sense and the kind of personality we carry about.

So we understand if you don't want a phone case that covers up the super-sleek and refined designs on your phone. And that's where a clear phone case comes into play. It plays the dual role of protecting your device from dents and falls and also magnifies the gorgeousness of the phone. Thanks to its transparent design!

But you should note something. You cannot be a beneficiary of these two irresistible perks when you haven't mastered how to clean your clear phone case. Not to worry, we're here to do the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is read between the lines with full attention.

We'll also show you what makes your clear phone case turn into a yellowish and yucky tone. Let's get started!

Simple and Outstanding Ways to Clean Your Clear Phone Case

There are tons of conflicting guides on the internet on how to clean clear phone cases that turned brown. And many people have fallen victim to these ineffective resources. So we have decided to bring you some natural methods that'll keep your case spiffy and posh at all times.

Hence, the following items answer the question - "what to clean clear phone cases with?".

  1. White vinegar.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide or bleach.
  3. Dish soap.
  4. Baking soda.
  5. Rubbing alcohol.

So anytime you notice your phone case is looking yellowish, hit it with any of these above-mentioned hacks for cleaning clear phone case. Now, let's walk through them one after the other.

How to Clean a Clear Phone Case with White Vinegar

To clean a clear phone case with white vinegar, the first step you need to take is to detach the case from the phone and set them apart. This will help you have full and unhindered access to all the innermost corners on both sides of the case.

Another reason why we suggest the case removal is that you'll be able to tackle the interior of the case, which might have gathered a fold of grime.

Haven removed the case, it's time to give the case an intense cleansing. And if you are not chanced to scrub it, all you have to do is apply the white vinegar and immerse that phone accessory. Follow this guide:

  1. Get a bowl and put your phone case in it.
  2. Pour a cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda (for deeper effect).
  3. Get something to press down the phone case and ensure it's fully submerged in the solution.
  4. Let it soak for, at least, two hours.
  5. Remove, wash it off in clean water, and enjoy a clear phone case fully restored to its former glory!

How to Clean a Clear Phone Case with Hydrogen Peroxide or Bleach

You can also clean your clear phone case with hydrogen peroxide. However, we'll advise that this method comes after you've tried other measures but all to no avail and you are desperate.

Why this warning? Using hydrogen peroxide or bleach can destroy some phone cases due to the high-grade chemicals with which these products are made of. Now that we've shared the caveat with you, let's dig deeper into the cleaning process.

  1. Get a bowl half-filled with water and put your phone case in it. Ensure it is fully immersed.
  2. Add a half cup of hydrogen peroxide OR one teaspoon of bleach into the water (Do not use the two chemicals together).
  3. Stir the solution for a couple of minutes.
  4. Let the case soak until it's as clear as when you bought it.
  5. Rinse it with clean water and enjoy!

The amazing part of this method is that it also works as a disinfectant on all those germs on your phone case. Oh, you're surprised? The surface of your phone houses more than 17,000 diverse strains of bacteria. Do you now agree that cleaning a clear phone case with hydrogen peroxide is a risk worth taking?

How to Clean a Clear Phone Case with Dish Soap

Ideally, not everyone has a dish soap lying in their cupboard. Or you've probably exhausted yours. If our guess is correct and you would like to get a new one, your best bet is to go for a non-toxic, biodegradable, and phosphates-free soap.  Why are we prescribing these specs?

These soaps are naturally friendly and soft to delicate surfaces like your clear phone case. Besides, they easily dissolve in the water without leaving any tiny coarse remnants on your phone case. Is that not impressive?

Follow the instructions to give the case a thorough cleaning.

  1. Pour a cup of warm water (about 240 ml) into a container and apply 3-4 drops of dish soap.
  2. Stir the solution for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Put the phone case in the water and make sure it's pressed down.
  4. Get a toothbrush to apply and gently scrub the mixture over the clear phone case.
  5. Give the toothbrush an easy and thorough pass into all corners and wipe it clean both on the inside and outside.
  6. Rinse with clean water and repeat the cycle until you're satisfied with the result.
  7. Dry it with air for an hour to ensure there's no drop of water hiding in the corners before putting the phone back in it.

For optimal satisfaction and perfect output, you should make the process a weekly dosage. This will help you remove the overloads of chemicals and oils that might degenerate the phone case materials.

How to Clean a Clear Phone Case with Baking Soda

Very important, you should note that baking soda wipes out various degrees of stains. However, that shouldn't be construed as the guarantee that it'll clean all of them. Thus, the effectiveness of cleaning a clear phone case with baking soda depends on the nature of the stains on your case.

So do you have a little quantity of baking soda and a toothbrush with you? Those are the essential materials you'll need to pull the dirt off the phone case within a short period.

This phone case cleaning hack requires you to apply a little bit of baking soda to the surface of the phone case. And you should ensure that the soda is evenly distributed.

Get a wet toothbrush to help you press the soda into the dirt and stains. While doing this, don't forget to widen your reach into all the nooks and crannies of the case. Scrub it thoroughly!

Rinse the remaining soda off the phone case and repeat till you're satisfied. And finally, get a microfiber or fluffy cloth to dry it before putting it back on your device.

How to Clean a Clear Phone Case with Rubbing Alcohol

Your case doesn't have to be dark-yellowed for you to apply rubbing alcohol on it. Chances are that the case has been infiltrated by different bacteria or sick germs, so using rubbing alcohol acts as a disinfectant and also a dirt wiper. Isn't that super-exciting?!

  1. Get a soft cloth and dampen it with alcohol or use a small spray bottle.
  2. Use it to wipe down the two surfaces of the case, including all the corners.
  3. Once the case is well-coated, use a dry and clean cloth to remove the remaining particles.
  4. After the wiping, you can also air-dry it for 45-60 minutes before putting it back on the phone. Easy peasy!

What Makes a Clear Phone Case Turn Yellow?

Most clear phone cases are built out of silicone. Silicone is a polymer quite famous for its flexible and affordable properties. But as fascinating as silicone is, the polymers normally develop yellowish or yucky tones as they ripen.

Meanwhile, the aging process is fast-tracked once these polymers are exposed to extreme heat, light, and/or chemicals. So instead of labeling it a mere stain, the yellowish spots are part of the material deterioration. Do you get it?

Other Essential Factors to Consider Before Cleaning Your Clear Phone Case

The above-discussed methods of cleaning clear phone cases aren't the only ones available. The list is endless but you should be careful of the cleaning mixtures you use to clean the cases.

For instance, you should steer clear of glass cleaners and ammonia. Why? They can be highly acidic, excessively sharp, and contain discoloring particles that might permanently stain or blur your case. 

Instead, you can subscribe to a combo of soft soap (like a dish soap without dyes, abrasives, fragrances, or phosphates) and lukewarm water to give you a mild and soft cleaning solution. And for severe stains, the baking soda we earlier discussed or isopropyl alcohol should do the perfect job.

Final Thoughts - Probably It's Time to Invest in a New Clear Phone Case

As we've earlier hinted, even with these stunning ideas on how to clean a clear phone case, it might be quite difficult to transform some phone cases that are already turning yellow. In other words, these ideas will help but they're not infallible. So what's our piece of advice? It's probably time to invest in a new phone case.

And that's where Icesword online catalog pops up. Icesword is your best companion when it comes to landing the latest and most durable clear phone cases, tempered-glass screen protectors, and other iPhone accessories all at affordable prices. A trial will convince you!

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